Wheatgrass extract gently exfoliates dead skin cell without irritation! Scrub that improves skin tone bright and clear with hypoallergenic peeling Nature scrub that contains the extract of previous Dendromanax Morbifera and myriads of pure ingredients from Jeju Island. rootree Cryptherapy Facial Mild Scrub is developed by the company that satisfies CGMP(Current Good Manufacturing Practices). The combination of Jeju Island's pure and functional ingredients make it possible to supply plenty of nutrients to keep your skin bright and healthy. 8 chemicals stimulating skin are not added.


After cleansing, wipe off the moisture on your face, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over the entire face except the area around eyes and mouth, massage gently until the keratin and waste materials are formed, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Each person may have different effects.